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The Super Secret International Cookie Club

You Suck Mine and I'll Suck Yours ...
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What is Sugaryswaps anyway?
Sugaryswaps is for people who want to swap sugary things! Any sort of candy cookies or snacks really. If you want sweeties from other parts of the world - this is the place to find 'em! The idea is kinda like a penpal system -you send a package to someone, they send a package to you!

Can I join?
Sure! At the moment membership is modorated because I don't know how well this is gonna work.

Where did the idea come from?
From a conversation at Stiff.

What sort of stuff is / isn't allowed?
Requests for sweeties, posts introducing yourself, posts about nice things you've found, people looking to swap sweeties and helpful suggestions are VERY welcome!

Promoting your community/band/club night/ cat's best friend's new t.v. show really would be better posted elsewhere.

Who runs Sugaryswaps?
d00mw0lf who can be mailed by clicking here If it starts getting busy, there may be a co-mod.

Why arn't there funky-ass banners to promote this community?
Because my computer sucks! If anyone would like to make an icon/banner/layout - feel free!