artgalgenius (artgalgenius) wrote in sugaryswaps,

What's available where u live?

I am not familiar with everything that's available everywhere else, so I am asking what you guys have that may not be available elsewhere so that we know what to trade.

I'm in Santa Barbara, California and wanted to let u guys know what we have here:
garlic stuffed olives
chocolate covered gummi bears
oreo cookies
Oreo Thin Crisps: 100 calorie versions of oreo cookies minus the cream. they are yummi too!
Yan Yan: thin bisquit sticks u dip in chocolate or strawberry cream
Phillipine Brand Dried Mango: imported dried mangoes from the phillipines
Nutter Butter: Peanut butter cookies with peanut butter
Kit Kat: wafers with chocolate
Chocolate Orange: chocolate orange ball you hit on a table and breaks into orange-shape wedges.

Okay, that's all I can think for now...
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